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Stitched Bowery Book

Images by Juliana Laury Photography

Renaissance Albums is proud to introduce our new Stitched Bowery Book.  What makes this book truly unique is the elegant saddle-stitched binding that bounds its pages together.   This type of binding allows the book to lay completely flat and hold more pages than it’s predecessor, while still featuring the same high quality, 6-color Indigo printing.  Available in two gorgeous paper types, and with a handmade slipcase option that’s exclusive to this book type, we think this will be exactly what many of you are looking for in a press printed album.

View pricing and download the order form on our pro member site.


Album Features:

  • True lay-flat album
  • 6-color Indigo Printing
  • Two paper types – Basic/Smooth White or Textured White (for this version only)
  • Holds up to 100 pages / 200 sides, minimum of 32 pages / 64 sides
  • Available Slip Case Option – For this album only and in 4 exclusive colors


**Important Notes About This Album**


Page Capacities

– Due to the saddle-stitch binding, page capacities must be in intervals of 4 pages/8 sides.  The book is bound together by 4-page signatures, or groups of 4 pages together, so this is completely unavoidable.  Please keep this in mind when designing your layouts.

– Right-hand start / Left-hand finish

– 32 page / 64 side minimum, 100 page / 200 side maximum (page capacity of 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 52, etc….100, are OK)

– View additional design guidelines at our pro member site


Slipcase Sets

– PLAIN COVERS ONLY.  Any Stitched Bowery Book with a slipcase may not have any opening options on the cover.  Imprinting, however, is allowed.

– Slipcase Sets are currently only available in 4 exclusive cover materials.  These materials (Natural Bookcloths) cannot be used for any other products.  The case must match the book, and the slipcase cannot be made with any of our other cover materials.  No exceptions.


How To Order

Due to the high page capacity and the restrictions caused by the 4-page signatures, it would be best to only order this album by exporting your files from your design software and sending them via FTP or Pro Member site with an order form.  This book type is not available in ROES.  The order form and pricing for this book can be found on our pro member site.


Additional Images

Cool Grey Bookcloth Slipcase Set + Stitched Bowery Book in Seaglass Silk



Cool Grey Bookcloth Slipcase Set



True lay-flat album | Images by JAGstudios



Close up on Textured White Paper + Stitched Binding | Images by JAGstudios



Stitched Binding | Image by Juliana Laury Photography




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