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Stitched Bowery Book is back

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Well, it certainly has been a long time coming – about 2 years, actually.  But the day is finally here!  We could not be more excited to re-introduce the Stitched Bowery Book back into our product line!

For those of you who have waited for this re-launch, we would like to thank you for your patience and continued interest. We probably don’t need to tell you how unique and special the Stitched Bowery is, as it’s the only book of its kind in the industry. This is why we’ve worked so diligently to be able to offer it again.

If you are not familiar with the Stitched Bowery and would like to know more about it, this next section is for you!


DEGITAL PRESS BOOK The Stitched Bowery is a digital press book, printed by an HP Indigo 6+ color Digital Press, the top of the line for digital printing. Its unique binding separates it from all the other digital press printed books in the marketplace.

PAPER TYPE It will be available in two types of paper: Smooth White and Textured White. Smooth White paper is a 150 gsm paper with an eggshell finish. The Textured White is also 150 gsm with a textured matte finish. Both acid free and archival, they are not to be confused with photographic paper that is used on many of our other albums. The same HP Indigo printing will be used on both types of paper, but the finish and appearance will be noticeably different between the two.

SMYTH STITCHING The binding is done using a technique called Smyth sewing or Smyth stitching. This type of binding is made by sewing together 4-page signatures using a thin thread, creating less tension at the spine, resulting in an easy, free flowing viewing experience. You may notice in some of the images, that the book lays completely flat when opened. This is a direct byproduct of the Smyth sewn binding, which also happens to allow for the highest page capacity on any book that we offer (100 pages, 200 sides)!

SEWING 4-PAGE SIGNATURES By sewing the 4-page signatures together, there will be some spreads that are seamless, some with a folded seam and yet others with a glued seam.  This is the nature of all books sewn together with 4-page signatures. While there isn’t much we can do about that, we do offer a guide that will optimize the appearance of your Stitched Bowery so that your images will look amazing on every spread. If you follow this guide, it will indicate exactly where it’s safe to design your full bleeds/panos and where to avoid them.  We highly recommend following our guide for the best results.

SLIPCASE SET There will be a matching slip case option available for all Stitched Bowery Books made with Contemporary Linen, Natural Linen or Book Cloth.

For more information please visit the Stitched Bowery product page or call/email our customer service team with any questions!

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