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Online Ordering System

We have worked very hard on implementing this new system to make things easier for our customers when ordering, while also streamlining the process on our end for maximum efficiency.  We would like to encourage all customers to try sending your orders through this system! ROES and FTP are still available and will be for the near future, but the ultimate goal is to streamline ordering and eventually have everything submitted through this system.

To begin, simply:
•  Login to our Pro Member site.
•  Click “NEW ORDER” at the top menu to launch the app.

→ Why use the system?

Improved efficiency and fewer errors.

  • Orders submitted through this system do not require the orders to be re-entered by our employees, which virtually eliminates typos and errors due to human error. (Unless it’s the customer making the mistake!)
  • No more tedious and difficult order forms! Simply follow the step-by-step process and submit all orders specs online.
  • Saves time and effort for our team, which directly leads to more time to provide better customer care/service, or energy to spend on improving our company elsewhere.

Updated and accurate information.

  • Because this isn’t a third-party software/company, you can always expect the most updated and accurate information on this system
  • Up to date pricing, cover materials, and options
  • Only receive the emails and confirmations that matter. Less of the stuff you don’t need!

→ Key Tips When Ordering: Count sides, not pages.

When you are selecting the page capacity of the book, you will only be able to edit the number of sides, and the number of pages/spreads in the book will automatically adjust. For example, a 30-side album will have 15 pages/spreads, and therefore, you’ll be uploading 15 files. Simply concern yourself only with the total number of sides in your album and go by that number – the rest will adjust!

•  Soho, Essex, Essex Plus – Begin and end with a full spread (no single sides)

•  Fine Art, Bowery, Stitched Bowery – Begin and end with single sides

→ Key Tips When Ordering: Export files as spreads.

When sending your files through our system, always export your layouts from Fundy or Smart Albums  as spreads. Even if you are ordering a Fine Art or Bowery, which begin and end with a single side, still send them as spreads and we can simply remove the blank side for you.  The system counts the number of files you upload by spreads only, so if you have your layouts saved as individual sides/pages, the page count will be totally off and you will get stuck on the file upload page.

→ Key Tips When Ordering: Cover Options (openings, acrylic, metal, etc.)

Feedback from early users suggest that finding the special cover options is a bit difficult, so here is a screenshot of where you can find the cover options! Openings, Acrylic, Metal, and other special cover options can easily be found on the drop-down menu located near the top of the “Cover Style” screen when ordering.

→ Key Tips When Ordering: Scroll down for spine imprinting!

When you are up to the imprinting step, the Spine Imprinting might be hidden towards the bottom of your screen, depending on the size of your monitor and zoom setting of your browser.  Simply scroll down a bit and you will find the spine imprinting options for each book that offers it!

→ Key Tips When Ordering: Payment

When checking out, you will be prompted to enter your payment information to complete your order. Please know that you will NOT be charged upon submission, but only when the album is ready to ship. If you are a regular customer and we have your card on file, however, chances are that you won’t see credit card payment section, which means one of our employees has switched your account for easier ordering and your convenience.

•  Please note: to VIEW or REMOVE your payment methods, you can log in and go to “MY ACCOUNT” in the top right corner. To ADD payment methods, you must do that at the time of submission or call us at 800-961-6710.


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