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Early Spring Sale



A  Bit  of  Relief


We know it’s tough out there for many of you right now and we’d like to try and help if we can. We normally reserve our Spring Sale for one week in mid-May but in light of recent events, we’ve decided to run it a little earlier this year and we’re going to run it for nearly a month. Please take advantage of this 15% discount off ALL Custom Books through April 15, 2020. Hopefully, this will provide some relief and help us get through this difficult time. Use code REVNOW15 at checkout to get your discount applied.


A special thank you to our friends and partners at Fundy Designer for taking the initiative to organize and find discounts for you.  They’re also offering a 30% code themselves: FUNDYPARTNER30 – off any Fundy Designer Suite, so please take advantage of that as well!


In the meantime, stay positive and stay safe!


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