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Stitched Bowery Book


The ordering of Stitched Bowery Books have been temporarily disabled due to supply issues from overseas. We hope to be able to find a resolution as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact our customer service team if you have any questions or concerns.

As one of a kind in the industry, the Stitched Bowery is the rare gem of press printed albums. Like the Standard Bowery, it is Indigo printed on high quality archival/acid-free paper. What separates it from other press printed albums is its threaded Smythe-stitched binding and 4-page signatures. This construction allows for a true lay-flat look when the book is opened. It also features an extraordinarily large page capacity of up to 100 pages (200 sides). An exclusive slipcase option is available for this album type only.

Size Info


10×8, 12×8, 13×10


8×10, 8×12, 10×13


10×10, 12×12

Page Capacities

  • minimum: 32 pages / 64 sides
  • maximum: 100 pages / 200 sides

The book is bound together by 4-page signatures, or groups of 4 pages together. Page capacities must be in intervals of 4 pages/8 sides. Please keep this in mind when designing your layouts.

32 pages (64 sides), 36p (72), 40p (80), 44p (88), 48p (96), 52p (104), 56p (112), 60p (120), 64p (128), 68p (136), 72p (144), 76p (152), 80p (160), 84p (168), 88p (176), 92p (184), 96p (192), 100p (200)

Paper Type

  • Type: Smooth White

Cover materials

All linens, silks, Fulton Fabric, Hudson, Delancey & Stanton non-leathers, and Chelsea leathers are available

Natural Bookcloths are also available for slipcase set

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Stitched Binding

The threaded Smythe-stitched binding allows the book to lay completely flat and hold even more pages than it’s predecessor.


6-Color Indigo Printing

HD printing on 200g, bright white, premium egg-shell textured paper.



True lay-flat album




Thin, Press-Printed Pages

High page capacity and versatile



Slipcase Set

A matching slipcase exclusively for the Stitched Bowery available in 4 natural bookcloth materials.

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Customizations & Upgrades

There are an endless number of ways to upgrade and customize your album covers. Here are the ways to make them truly unique.

The hand stitching combined with our amazing line of cover materials and options gives you one of our most stylish albums yet.

“From traditional to contemporary styled albums, Renaissance Albums has a singular focus in delivering the finest for you and your clients.”

The one and only Stitched Bowery Book has all the perks of the Standard Bowery, including HP12000 Indigo printing as well as imported 100g archival/acid free, textured paper. It also features Smyth Sewn Binding, which is a highly regarded technique that not only makes the Stitched Bowery easy on the eyes, allowing the pages to lay flat, but also permits up to 100 spreads.

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