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Cover imprinting lets you customize your albums and adds a personal touch for your clients. Below are the different types of
imprinting options that we offer.

Imprinting Options


Foil Colors

Available foil colors (From left to right):
Gold, Silver, Copper, Black, Red, White,
or None (blind debossed)



Available fonts (from top to bottom):
Script, Serif, and Sans-serif


Imprinting Positions

A: Center, B: Right center,
C: Bottom center, D: Bottom right


Custom Imprinting

Create your own custom stamp! This option is perfect for custom monograms, crests, and studio logos! There is a one-time fee to have each new die made and free for all subsequent uses.

File specifications:

  • 600 DPI
  • Entirely black and white (white being the background)
  • PDF format
  • Saved exactly to the size you want the artwork to appear on your album (crop out any additional white space – No wider than 6″ and no taller than 4)

Name & Date Imprinting

Get up to 2 lines of imprinting. Font and color choices must be selected in your order. If no font or color are selected, the default selections are Sans-serif and Blind Debossing.

Spine Imprinting

Only one line of text for spine imprinting is permitted. Rules will vary depending on the album due to many variables including spine thickness, number of characters, page thickness, page capacity, font, and book type. We will use our discretion for font size.

General Rules & Guidelines:

  • 3 standard fonts are available, but Sans Serif (Large) is the default
  • Only 1 line of imprinting permitted
  • We will use our discretion for Spine Imprinting unless otherwise specified

Monogram Imprinting

We offer 3-letter monogram imprinting. Simply provide the initials in the order you’d like them to appear. Select between Type 1 or 2.

Type 1

Type 2


Important Imprinting Notes

  • Imprinting is NOT available on Designer NL.
  • Blind debossing is the default if a foil color is not chosen. If the material cannot accommodate blind embossing, then black foil becomes the default.
  • Blind debossing is NOT available for Silks, Linens, and Madison NL Distressed Brown.
  • All imprinting will be typeset EXACTLY as ordered.
  • Please allow for a 1/2″ safety margin from each cover edge.
  • Font size is dependent on the book size.
  • Renaissance reserves the right to refuse imprinting should the imprinting not read well.

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