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Fine Art Album

A modern flush mount album that blends today’s high-end fashion with yesterday’s old-world artisan craftsmanship.

One of the first flush mount albums of the digital era, the Fine Art Album was introduced in 2001 and is recognized as a staple in the wedding album industry. Each spread is separated by an ultra-thin (1mm) seam, and every print is individually cut and mounted. It features a rice-paper flyleaf page in the front, black core pages, and premium pages consisting of cloth and latex. These subtle, yet striking differences provide a unique alternative for photographers without sacrificing quality or beauty when it comes to high-end albums.

Size Info


7×5, 9×6, 10×8, 12×8, 13×10, 14×11, 15×10, 20×8


5×7, 6×9, 8×10, 8×12, 10×13, 11×14, 10×15


6×6, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, 15×15

Custom sizes are also available, contact us for details.

Page Capacities

  • minimum: 10 pages / 20 sides
  • maximum: 40 pages / 80 sides

Paper Type & Coating

  • Paper Type: Lustre / Metallic
  • Coating: Lustre / Matte

Cover materials

All linens, silks, non-leathers, leathers are available

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Ultra-thin Seam

Individual prints mounted on each side.



Black Core Page

Thick, cloth-infused pages for superior quality.

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Customizations & Upgrades

Your inspiration and our high standards of manufacturing quality will create the custom album of your dreams. There are an endless number of ways to upgrade and customize your album covers. Here are the ways to make them truly unique.

Fine Art page spreads are separated with a distinctive ultra thin gap for those who prefer a seam.

“From traditional to contemporary styled albums, Renaissance Albums has a singular focus in delivering the finest for you and your clients.”

One of our original custom books, the Fine Art Album is made using the same choice materials as the Soho, only in black. Its page spreads are separated with a distinctive ultra thin gap for those who prefer a seam. Also covered under our lifetime warranty and delivered in a premium black stitched box.

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