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The One Day Workshop | Renaissance Albums
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The One Day Workshop

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Workshop: The One Day Workshop
Hosted By: Gabe McClintock
Fer Juaristi
When: July 3, 2014
Where: Toronto, Ontario – Canada

This workshop is all about making things personal and getting the right couples to trust you. It is about being stubborn, shooting for you and mixing composition and emotion on each frame to create visions. Gabe and Fer will talk about how they see things and how they do what they do. They will talk about how they work with their couples in order to achieve intimacy and foster trust to allow them to share a real honest connection.

There will be a live session with a couple to demonstrate the different ways you can view a scene. Gabe and Fer will share how to integrate background and foreground to create balance on each frame as well as some post processing tips on how to make your images look how you want them to.

You will leave feeling inspired to follow your own path – to do things that feel right to you, and by doing so, attract the clients you want.

Link to the workshop

Gabe McClintock  Fer Juaristi



21 Grace Church Street
Port Chester, NY 10573

Tel: 914.939.6878
Fax: 914.939.8047

Monday - Friday
9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST

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