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Renaissance is now in FUNDY DIRECT | Renaissance Albums
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Renaissance is now in FUNDY DIRECT

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We are happy to announce that Renaissance Albums is now live in Fundy Direct. Once you are finished with your album design, simply click order and send your album directly to us. Fundy Direct is a free service for all owners of Fundy Designer. To start using it, please download the Fundy public beta here.


STEP 1 – Choose a Direct Album

Fundy Direct

STEP 2 – Choose Renaissance Albums

Fundy Direct

STEP 3 – Click order

Fundy Direct


Once you click order, we create your print files and upload them for you. Just choose your cover materials, cover options, etc., and you are good to go. See how easy it is to order a Renaissance Album in the following video.


For Fundy Direct orders, we’ve selected the most popular Renaissance sizes. For a list of those sizes, please click here. Any album you’ve already built can be easily converted to a Fundy Direct album size. If you’ve already built a Renaissance album in Fundy Designer, you can easily convert it to a Fundy Direct album:

1. Download the version of Fundy Designer that includes Fundy Direct here (you will not lose your projects with this new download)
2. Load a Renaissance album
3. Click Order – you will receive a prompt to convert that album to a Fundy Direct album
4. Select your new Renaissance album size and Fundy Designer will reformat your album
5. Click Order and follow the ordering prompts

Fundy currently has a separate Public Beta to access Fundy Direct. Please go to the Fundy Software Renaissance Albums Page and Download or use the download button below.



Fundy Direct

Join Fundy Software and Renaissance Albums, and see what you can create with Fundy Designer. Attend this free webinar and learn how to use Fundy Direct to design your Renaissance Albums, order them direct from Fundy Designer and track everything to boot.

  • Thursday, April 16, 2015
  • 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM EDT
  • Click here to register
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