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What is a sample book?

A sample book is a book that is used either at the studio or at a location for the purpose of displaying and selling your photography in our albums. We understand the importance of having studio samples to show your clients, that’s why we offer a discount on all studio sample and location demo albums.

What books are eligible for sample discounts?

The following books are eligible for sample discounts:

• SoHo Book • Fine Art Album
• Essex Book • Bowery Book
• Galleria Album • Library Album
• Milano Album • Ambiance Album

How many sample books may I purchase?

There is no limit to the number of sample books that a studio may order per year.

How are sample books marked?

Sample books are stamped with a “Studio Sample” stamp. The default location for the sample stamp is on the bottom of the back cover.

What are the other restrictions/limitations for sample books?

•  Sample books can be any of our standard page capacities and options and do not have to be attached to any pre-existing orders.
•  Sample books must be a medium or larger sized album and will be stamped with our studio sample logo with no exceptions.
•  Other promotions and discounts cannot be applied to the studio sample discount.
For certain products the studio sample discount is not applicable.
Other restrictions may apply.


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