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Imprinting | Renaissance Albums
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Cover imprinting is one of the most popular options for our albums and it offers a great way to customize your book. We offer many different types of imprinting from standard Name & Date imprinting to spine imprinting to monogram imprinting. Imprinting is always a nice finishing touch to your album.

Available Imprinting Options

Name & Date

Name & Date Imprinting

name & date

Name & Date imprinting is the most common and the most popular imprinting option that we offer. It is typically used in a two-line format (one above the other), and can be placed in various locations. It is not limited to names and dates, however, and is also used for event locations, words/phrases with special meaning, and special occasions (Bar/Bah Mitzvah, engagements, family vacation, sweet 16’s, senior portraits, etc.)

For more information on Name & Date Imprinting: Name & Date Imprinting Details


Spine Imprinting

spine imprinting

Add custom spine imprinting to your books. Each spine imprint is individually hand typeset for the perfect look.

IMPORTANT: Spine Imprinting is always in Sans Serif font and centered on the spine unless otherwise specified

For more information on Spine Imprinting: Spine Imprinting Details


Monogram Imprinting


Add custom monogramming to your books. Each monogram is individually hand typeset and available in one of two formats:

monogram type 1 monogram type 2
Monogram Type 1
Monogram Type 2

For more information on Monogram Imprinting: Monogram Imprinting Details


Title Imprinting

title imprinting

Title Imprinting offers a choice of our pre-designed die’s that we use to stamp your cover
The default location is “optically centered”, which is slightly above the exact center of the book
To see all of the Title Imprinting options we offer, please click here

Studio Imprinting

studio imprinting

Studio Imprinting is an option that is often overlooked, but shouldn’t be. It is a vital part of marketing your work and photography business. We can imprint your studio’s name & information in one of our font choices, or you can have your own custom logo die created and stamped on all of your albums

Custom Studio Logo Die

studio imprinting

To create a custom logo die, we ask for a file with the following specs to be emailed to The file must be: 600 dpi, entirely black and white (white being the background/dead space), JPEG, PSD, or TIF format, and sized exactly to desired size

Studio Name

studio imprinting

Your studio name can be imprinted on our books with a choice of any of our available fonts.

Important notes regarding studio imprinting

    •       The default color for studio imprinting is blind emboss.

    •       Default locations for studio imprinting:

SoHo Book Back cover, bottom center
Fine Art Album Inside back cover, bottom center
Essex Book Back cover, bottom center
Galleria Album Inside back cover, bottom center


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